Willy Hoku/Walter

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Willy Hoku/Walter’s Story
The story of Willy/Walter is one of teamwork and compassion. After seven abandoned dogs and pups were rescued from a local dog park and taken to the shelter, our friend, Taeru, made sure she was contacted should any of the dogs not make it to the adoption floor. She was told that two of the seven dogs were not suitable for adoption because they were considered too shy, so she brought these two into her home in order to save their lives and began to network to find them homes. One of the dogs, a gentle whippet mix Taeru named Willy, caught the eye of our whippet foster, Lori, in Portland. Willy became a KAWS dog and it was soon decided that Willy would travel to Lori’s Whippet Spaw in search of his forever home. Taeru and her kids gave Willy a warm send-off complete with a lei made especially for him, and he was off to the PNW. In Seattle, Dr. Karen met Willy and housed him for a couple days before personally delivering him to Lori. Willy settled right in with Lori and soon, meet and greets with him were being requested. Upon meeting Willy, a lovely couple, Ashton and Josh, were instantly smitten and were hoping he would become friends with their Papillion, Izzy. The easy-going Willy had no problem making himself comfortable in Ashton and Josh’s home, and he and Izzy have made fast friends. Willy, now Walter, has made a seamless transition into his forever home. Ashton states, “He loves people! There hasn’t been a person yet who he’s shied away from in any way. People ask to pet him on our walks and he loves it.” He’s gone on many excursions including to Josh’s work, hikes in Forest Park, and camping near Mt. Hood and the Oregon Coast. While on camping trips, Walter likes snuggling up by the campfire and will stand by the tent when he is ready for bed. Ashton continues, “Walter is so great! He and Izzy have already bonded past my expectations even, which is so exciting for us! He loves hiking and running in the back yard and is a snuggle monster! He’s just the perfect dog for us.” We think Ashton, Josh, and Izzy are the perfect family for Walter. Thank you, Taeru and family, Dr. Karen, Lori, and Ashton and Josh for working together with us to bring sweet Walter to his forever home.
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