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Willow’s Story
Willow’s story is one of resilience, solidarity, and generosity. We became aware of Willow, a shy young whippet, when her stray hold at the local shelter was up. Willow had been found close to death in the coffee fields of Kalaheo, and due to her shyness and the extent of her injuries, she was going to be euthanized. She suffered from a fractured hind leg, a crushed pelvis and a pellet gunshot wound. Her x-rays were examined by vets both near and far and it was concluded that she had not been hit, but run over by a vehicle and her leg was in bad shape. Our whippet foster in Portland, Lori, immediately sprung into action and launched a campaign to raise funds for Willow to be treated by the best orthopedic animal surgeon in Hawaii, Dr. Leadbeater of Kahala Pet Hospital. Our friend, Melanie, cared for Willow while travel arrangements were being made, and soon Willow was escorted by friends, Carla and Cindy to Dr. Leadbeater’s clinic on Oahu. Dr. Leadbeater had hoped to save Willow’s hind leg, but found that the injuries were too extensive and had gone untreated for far too long- about 4 months! Our hearts broke a little more knowing that Willow had endured her injuries for so long. Since her leg was no longer useful to her, Dr. Leadbeater amputated it and Willow was given round-the-clock care at his clinic. The next step for Willow was to travel to Lori’s Whippet Spaw in Portland. Our friends on Oahu, Shirley and Mark, cared for Willow in their home for several days before putting her on a direct flight to Portland, where Lori and friend, Lianne were anxiously awaiting her arrival. While Willow was recuperating at the Whippet Spaw, we were blessed with a multitude of applications and inquiries about Willow by very lovely people, and Willow was showered with many thoughtful gifts. After much careful consideration, we decided Debbie and her canine daughters- Charlie and Athena would be the right match for Willow. Early on Debbie told us, “Willow needs someone like me.” Debbie described herself as, “ …a strong advocate for animal rights, and I don’t hesitate to intervene on an animal’s behalf…” Athena and Charlie immediately accepted Willow into their home and Debbie makes sure Willow’s life is one of love, patience, and comfort. We give many thanks to all the people who came together to save this special girl. Our cup runneth over with all the kindness and compassion surrounding Willow’s rescue.

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