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Sid’s Story
On Christmas Eve of 2015, a handsome ex-hunting dog from Koke`e arrived in Portland to try his luck at finding a forever home. Sid had come to us seven months prior after he had been pulled from the adoption floor at the local shelter and was going to be euthanized. Many of us had worked with Sid and knew he came from a very rough past, as his many deep scars attest to. While with us on Kaua`i, Sid proved to be a smart and fun dog who bonded with individuals quite quickly. Even after months of training and boarding at Bark Bark Backyard and Aloha Fido, Sid did not receive any inquiries. We knew it was time to send him to our Portland foster, Toni, who would help Sid get noticed in Portland. While waiting for his forever home, Sid ran several times a week with runners from Portland’s top running service, Trail Blazing Tails (TBT); he spent weekends exploring with TBT runner, Christina, who took him to an outdoor concert, a foot race, and many Portland sights. Sid was introduced to several interested adopters, but it wasn’t until Hayden came along that he met his perfect match. Hayden’s calm and gentle ways have helped bring out the best in Sid. Together they have attended training sessions, gone on many hikes, and camped among the redwoods of California. With Hayden, Sid has made friends, both canine and human, and Sid is thriving in his life with Hayden. Hayden tells us, “We have really been bonding and nothing makes me happier than to work with him and see him grow.” Nothing makes us happier than to see Sid in a forever home with someone who is willing to give him all the time and attention he needs to become the best dog he can be. “I’m excited to see the dog he will become in the next years,” Hayden adds. Sid’s story proves that good things do happen to those who wait. Congratulations Sid and Hayden! May you have many happy adventures together!

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