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Shirley/Bandit’s Story~

I do the very best I can to look upon life with optimism and hope and looking forward to a better day.” -Rosa Parks

In animal rescue, you never know what will happen in the future and often times, a better day is just around the corner. We know this to be true in the case of a beautiful dog we named Shirley. Earlier in the summer we were informed that the local shelter was full and that other options for Shirley, who was shy around people, needed to be set in place in order to save her life. With very little time to make plans, we pulled Shirley and made arrangements for her to stay at Whiskers Resort. During Shirley’s short stay at Whiskers, she met Amy who had just started working there, and the two immediately hit it off. Amy contacted us about fostering Shirley and we were happy to work with her to get her home set up for a dog. Amy and Shirley (who Amy began to call Bandit) had a blast together over the summer and enjoyed getting to know each other through long walks to the beach, car rides, and cuddles. Amy was eager to learn as much as she could about dog handling, so we provided training sessions with trainer, Tracy Mullineaux. By the end of the summer, Amy was ready to make it permanent and we were delighted when she told us she had decided to adopt Bandit. When we asked Amy if she had anything to add to her and Bandit’s story, she stated, “The generous help and encouragement from KAWS made my adoption of Bandit a success! KAWS donated food, delivered Bandit to me, and loaned us a crate, collars and leashes. Most of all they sprung for training sessions with Tracy Mullineaux, who solved all my beginner dog-owner problems! KAWS and Tracy got me through all the initial jitters and challenges. I got quick answers for all my crises, like how to handle skin rashes and loose dogs that we encounter. Now Bandit is perfect on the leash, she’s a fearless ocean swimmer, and she has befriended all the dogs we meet on the beach in Anahola. She also loves the bluffs north of Donkey Beach, where we play fetch a lot. Thanks again to KAWS, Ally, Dinah and Tracy for making our little family a reality.” We are so happy Amy and Bandit are loving their life together. Stories like Amy and Bandit’s give us hope to continue our rescue work and to be optimistic and hopeful that better days are ahead for all the homeless pets we encounter.