Ruby Sue

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Ruby Sue’s Story~

Anyone who has been following us should be familiar with a spunky, playful, and very expressive pittie named Ruby Sue. We first met Ruby at the shelter where she was on the adoption floor as an 8 month old puppy. Ruby won the hearts of many of the people who met her; she was always full of love and affection and a willing playmate with other dogs. Ruby also had a feisty side that, if not kept in check, would intimidate some folks, as she was becoming a full grown gal. Ruby began to struggle at the shelter where she was not receiving consistent handling nor socialization, and we were told that she was going to be euthanized if KAWS could not find another alternative for her. At this time we had not secured our home base, so we pulled Ruby and placed her in boarding at Bark Bark Backyard where she flourished with the calm and consistent handling. When long-term boarding was no longer an option, Ally brought Ruby into her home where we learned even more about the true gem of a dog that she is. Ruby became the #1 helper dog for KAWS. She makes every new, shy, or scared dog feel right at home with her friendly and fearless demeanor. She plays with the puppies, minds her space with the elders, and adjusts her level of intensity with the littles. We know how valuable a good helper dogs is, and Ruby is worth her weight in gold. After 9 months of fostering Ruby, Ally’s son, Jona, who has been the foster brother to many dogs throughout his life said something he’d never said before: “Mom, can we keep Ruby?” So, it was meant to be, and Ruby is now an official member of Ally’s family and will be our permanent KAWS helper dog. Thank you, Ally and family, for foster failing with Ruby Sue! We love you all!