Robin James/RJ

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Robin James/RJ’s Story

Last fall, KAWS was asked by the local shelter to bring a shy Airedale/retriever mix into our program, as he was considered too timid for the adoption floor. We named him Robin James and he was soon part of our KAWS family. After spending time in a foster home with our friend, Jan, and then boarding/training with Waylon of Aloha Fido, Robin James flew to Portland where foster mom, Toni, was waiting for him. It did not take but a few weeks for Robin James to catch the attention of Megan and Steve, who were looking for a dog to take hiking, camping, and on other outdoor adventures. Soon, Robin James, now RJ, became an official family member in Megan and Steve’s home. They report that RJ has done exceptionally well with crate training and trips in the car to visit new friends. “RJ was quite nervous to go out on walks our first week together, but now he gets super excited to go out and see his neighborhood dog friends during his walks,” says Megan. Many dogs, like RJ, who have come from a hunting dog past, require some extra assurance and patience in order to come out of their shells. We at KAWS are so grateful for Steve and Megan who have given RJ the time and TLC he needs to become a happy and more confident dog. We wish Megan, Steve, and RJ many happy adventures together.

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