Rhett/Rowan’s Story
We first heard about Rhett, a spunky and spry whippet/shepherd mix, when he was found in a hunting station at Koke`e by our friend, Ed. Since Rhett was never claimed, he was taken to the local shelter where he was literally bouncing off his kennel walls. This smart little fellow was known as an escape artist, so he was not allowed in the play yards, which did not help this active young dog’s need to exercise and explore. The time in the shelter was taking its toll on Rhett and we decided to bring him in as a KAWS dog. We sent him to our Portland foster, Toni, who brought him to her doggy daycare where Rhett had the time of his life while he waited for his forever home. He didn’t have to wait long….Kaiden, who is also full of energy, saw Rhett’s ad and knew Rhett was the dog for him. Kaiden and his friends drove from Eugene to Portland to meet Rhett and it was confirmed: Kaiden and Rhett were a great match! Rhett is now Rowan and having a blast with Kaiden, whose active lifestyle is perfect for an energetic pup. Kaiden reports that Rowan is really smart and is learning fast. “All I have to say is ‘bed time’ and he hops up and lies down and goes to bed,” says Kaiden. We wish Kaiden and Rowan many years of fun and adventure together and are happy to have them in our growing KAWS family.

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