Rex and Miesha


When our friends, Steve and Joei, in Minnesota wanted to support Kaua`i dogs by adopting two Kaua`i Humane Society dogs, we were happy to help them. Ally chose two dogs, Rex and Miesha, who would be a good fit for the family. Miesha, a timid vizsla mix had been at the shelter for months, and Rex, a goofy but shy pit bull mix was becoming a long-time resident of the shelter as well. Through donations from friends, family, kind-hearted strangers, and KAWS, Steve and Joei were able to fund the trip for Rex and Miesha to start their new lives in Minnesota. The two Kaua`i dogs traveled in KAWS crates and arrived in their new home in November 2014. According to Joei, “The day that Rex and Miesha came home to us was like a dream come true. These two dogs that were deemed, ‘too timid,’ knew they were home forever. They have added so much joy to our family that it’s literally impossible for me to describe.”

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