img_1862 img_1863 img_1864 img_1865 img_1866Rafael’s Story
Last holiday season, KAWS and KHS volunteers were spending countless hours searching the Poipu area for Rafael, a timid Rottweiler mix who had gone missing while on a humane society field trip. After 40 days of no luck, we got a lead and headed to the sighting with traps, flashlights, a nighttime wildlife camera, and determination. Within three nights of stakeouts and resetting the traps, a skinny Rafael still in his “Adopt Me” vest, collar, and dragging his leash, was found in one of the traps. Knowing he needed immediate dental work and not wanting him to go back to the shelter after such an ordeal, we officially brought Rafael into our KAWS family. Our good friend, Carla, and her husband, David, agreed to foster Rafael and help him through his medical treatments and socialize him. Carla and David specialize in working with the timid dogs and it did not take long for Rafael to feel right at home with them. We were delighted when Carla and David decided to make Rafael a permanent member of their family. They report he is incredibly gentle and loves his family. Carla tells us that Rafael “…loves the dog park and does fast zoomies there. He gives a kiss of gratitude every time he goes in the car.” After living on his own for so long, Rafael’s favorite times of the day are breakfast and dinner. “His tail never stops wagging,” Carla adds. We think we know why that is. Thank you, Carla and family for the love, patience, and secure home you have given Rafael. This pup has all the reasons in the world to keep wagging his tail.

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