Willy Hoku

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Available in the Portland area!

Willy is a very gentle, mild mannered 4-5 year old whippet mix that loves everyone he meets and just wants to quietly follow his person where ever they may go. Willy is very good with other dogs and greets gently with a happy tail wag and a good old fashioned not pushy dog sniff. Willy was found by a good citizen with a couple of other dogs and brought to the local shelter in hopes that they would be reclaimed or put up for adoption. When two of the dogs, including Willy, were deemed too shy for adoption the good citizen went and picked them up so they would not die at the shelter. KAWS was contacted about them to see if we could help and our whippet foster in Portland Oregon stepped right up there to the plate for sweet Willy Hoku. This guy will make someone a fabulous and loyal companion!
If you are interested in adopting Willy, please follow this link to the KAWS Adoption Application.


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