Judy Blue Eyes



Judy Blue Eyes

Judy Blue Eyes was kept in a kennel for 7 years before finding herself at the local county shelter. She was very stressed at the shelter so we were happy to bring her into KAWS and into a home environment. Judy just wants to be with her people 100%. She craves human contact and cannot get enough petting and hugs. She does well with children and is fine with other dogs. She does not care for the feline friends.
Judy’s special home would be able to walk her through learning about life as a loved pet and not as a caged creature. She worries when her person leaves the house, but she is getting better at knowing that they will return to her.
Judy deserves a patient, extra loving family that will just be with her and shower her with kisses and hugs. After 7 years, she deserves it!

If you are interested in adopting Judy, please follow this link to the KAWS Adoption Application.

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