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Pierre/Beauregard’s Story

We first became aware of a tiny Papillon/Pomeranian named Pierre in October of 2017, when we learned he was struggling in the local shelter. Pierre only lasted part of a day on the adoption floor before the environment became too stressful for him and he began barking and snapping. We wanted to learn more about what was going on with this little guy and see if we could get to the root of his behavior, as he was great with some people and stressed around others. We will be forever grateful for our friend Melanie who said, “Of course! Happy to do!” when we asked if she would be able to foster and work with Pierre. Had a placement not been found for Pierre, he was to be euthanized. Melanie took in Pierre and began working with him immediately. We also got him to our vet to see if he was in any pain from his ulcerated eye and recent neuter. It was concluded that Pierre was not in pain, and through Melanie’s training she figured that he must have been taunted with food until he became frustrated and growled and barked. Over the course of 3 weeks, Melanie worked with Pierre and showed him the right way to behave; his progress was obvious each time we checked in on him. Early on, Pierre caught the eye of Nick, KAWS friend and board member. Nick and husband, Felix are kindred spirits who have taken great joy in their rescue dogs who live with them in their LA home. (In August, Nick and Felix rescued Gidget and Kazmo, two little chis who were at risk at the shelter on Kaua`i.) Soon, Pierre found himself as a doted member of Nick and Felix’s pack and being called Beauregard or Beau. He’s been a delight to his parents who report he is friends with all the other dogs and is very smart. Nick tells us, “Beau has had no behavioral problems once he was outside of the shelter environment. He sleeps in a warm bed in a heated house with most of the other family members. He’s alert, loves to cuddle, and is a complete joy to have around.” Felix started an agility course with Beau and it has been discovered that Beau is a natural and has impressive hops! “He seems to be quite intelligent in both obedience training and agility coursework. He picks up new tasks quickly and easily understands what is being asked of him,” says Felix. This little 6.5 lb. pup with a big personality has touched our hearts and we are happy to have helped him along his journey to find his forever home. Thank you Melanie for stepping up to foster him, and thank you Nick and Felix for giving Beau the life he so deserves.