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Phoebe’s Story
We are constantly amazed by the wonderful dog-loving folks we meet in the Portland area. After connecting with Lisa and Chris, who were looking for a gentle dog to eventually train as a therapy dog, we decided a sweet and timid vizsla mix at the shelter, Phoebe, would be a good match for Chris and Lisa’s family. We do not know much about Phoebe’s past, but her shyness and scar from a pellet gun wound, most likely represent a former life that was rough. After bringing her into KAWS, Ally fostered Phoebe for six weeks and worked on basic training, gave Phoebe her first experience in a home, and helped her gain confidence. When it was time, Phoebe traveled to Seattle with KAWS pups Aka and Mia. Mia went on to her forever home at Hoagie’s House, and Phoebe and Aka were greeted by Dr. Karen and her daughter who brought them to Dr. Karen’s veterinary clinic for the night before they made their way to Portland where foster mom, Lori, had arranged for Phoebe to meet Lisa and Chris. It was an instant match, and Phoebe has been living a joyous life with Chris, Lisa, their Chihuahua Sparkle, and the kitties Salvador and Cleo ever since. Phoebe has met many new human and canine friends and loves them all and has been going on adventures to the beach, hiking trails, and friends’ houses. Lisa and Chris report that, “Phoebe LOVES going on her daily walks and is continuing to work on her obedience training. She is often caught snuggling the cats and has recently been spotted hoarding toys and shoes on the couch. She may also be the champion of awkward sitting.” KAWS is delighted that Phoebe has found her forever home and that Lisa and Chris have joined our KAWS family. A happy life to you all!
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