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Olivia’s Story~

At four month’s old, Olivia was one of our youngest rescues from the shelter. We were told she had ringworm, a skin condition that is not treated at the shelter. She would be euthanized come Monday morning if we did not find a placement for her over the weekend. We were able to bring this wiggly, lovable puppy into our program under the care of Ally at KAWS Headquarters. Within a couple of days we found that Olivia did not have ringworm, but demodectic mange that had already started to clear up after a dose of Bravecto. Good with other dogs, people (and kids!), and cats, Olivia was soon adopted by a couple who wanted a playmate for their older dog. After a few months in this placement, her family decided her puppy energy was more than they could handle; we were happy to bring Olivia back into our KAWS house. Soon, she was making herself comfortable in a new home with Ryan, Erin, and their dog Lucy, who was recently adopted from the shelter. This active family proved to be the right fit for Olivia. Ryan and Erin accepted our offer to provide training for Olivia to help her settle into her new home and report, “Olivia is an amazing and spirited addition to our `ohana. By day she loves running around the yard fetching balls and chasing the ever-elusive butterflies. By night she his happiest snuggled next to us on the couch. The only thing that outpaces her exuberant energy is her unwavering love and devotion.” Thank you, Ryan and Erin, for giving Olivia her happy ending. From the day she set paw into your home, she knew she was there to stay!