Miki/Anna’s Story

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Sometimes all it takes is a new environment to bring out the best in a dog. This is true for a little whippet mix we met at the shelter and named Anna. The shelter environment was a scary place for this young pup, so we were asked to take in Anna as the shelter was not going to place her up for adoption. We were happy to bring Anna into our program, and we made plans to send Anna to our whippet foster, Lori, in Portland. While waiting for a flight to Lori, Anna spent a week having a blast at Whiskers Resort. Anna had many positive interactions with humans and canines alike while at Whiskers, and we learned that she was actually an incredibly playful puppy who is full of personality. Cecil, who had escorted for us prior, escorted Anna and her travel companion, Ava, to Seattle. There they were greeted by Dr. Karen who kept the girls in her Tacoma Vet Clinic overnight. The next morning, our friend, Warren, fetched Anna and Ava and delivered them to Lori. Soon after her arrival in Portland, Anna got right into the swing of life at the Whippet Spaw. Lori and her whippets know how to make a new dog feel right at home, and Anna continued to blossom at the Spaw. She spent her days playing with the residents and visitors at the Spaw and before long captured the heart of Kim. Kim had admired Anna in photos, and when she brought her dog, Drake, to the Spaw for a stay, it was confirmed that Anna would make a perfect addition to Kim and husband, Ray’s, family. We are happy to report that Anna, now Miki, continues to thrive in her life with Kim and Ray, where her playful puppy energy is very much enjoyed. “We are head over heels for Anna (Miki)!!!! She is blending right into our family….she’s character and soooo smart!!” Kim tells us. Miki is has learned to ring a bell when she needs to go out, she’s the star of her puppy class, and makes lots of friends at the dog park. In her multi-level backyard, she zooms and leaps, climbs the boulders, hides in the bushes, and inspects the pond. She’s definitely ready for warmer weather so she can spend more time outside. Miki loves her nightly walks and is eager to learn. At night she shares her cuddles between her parents and her days keeping Kim and Drake entertained. It warms our hearts knowing Miki has found a loving family who adores her. May you all continue to bring joy into each other’s lives.