Mija and Kai Kalua

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Mija and Kai Kalua’s Story
Back in the summer, two puppies made a run for it out of a bad living situation. Little did they know that running into Ally and her dog, Nikki, would prove to be the right move. Ally brought these babies into her home and immediately began to give them the care they desperately needed. While fostering and publicizing this brother and sister duo for over a month, KAWS made sure these pups were given proper vetting, vaccinations, food, socialization, and of course, love. The little female caught the eye of a Kaua`i resident who soon adopted her and named her Mija. Among Mija’s many qualities is her offering of love to an elderly family member. In addition to adoring her canine siblings, Bandit and Lacey, and feline brothers, Mija excelled in puppy training class. Mija’s parents tell us, “She’s whip smart – and a little love – also strong willed but sweet and feisty. We really love her!!” The little boy was named Kai Kalua when he was adopted by Martha and Mike. Kai moved to Seattle, where waiting for him were older canine siblings Mia and Jak. Mia is also a KAWS pup who was glad to show Kai the ropes at being a Seattle pup. Big brother Jak, though he had recently gone through a rear leg amputation, welcomed the playful new sibling. “While I totally expected Kai to bond with Mia, the wonderful surprise is how much he loves Jak. They are good buds.” Martha tells us. Both Mija and Kai are growing and blossoming into happy and well-adjusted dogs. We were delighted to help these two get to better lives than where they started out. We wish Mija, Kai Kalua, and their families many years of happiness together.

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