Merlin/Monk’s Story

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On the day that we met Arthur at the shelter, we also met his kennel mate and friend, who we named Merlin.  Like Arthur, Merlin was found in one of the Koke`e hunters’ station kennels.  While Arthur stayed on Kaua`i a bit longer, Merlin headed straight to Portland where he was met by our whippet foster, Lori, and her friend Alison.  Alison took to Merlin immediately and within a week she began a trial stay with Merlin.  Before long, Merlin settled in with Alison, her senior whippet, Abby, and cat, Sam on their 3+ acre property that also includes horses.  Merlin is now Monk and Alison tells us that they have bonded to each other, so much in fact, that Monk is a “mama’s boy.” “I feel so lucky to have him,” Alison told us not too long after she adopted Monk.  Monk is now the only dog of the house and goes for two long walks a day with two Greyhounds who live next door. There is a lovely park with a fenced off area for dogs they walk to.  Sam, the cat, thinks Monk belongs to him. Monk sleeps with his little head on a pillow and snores! He is good-natured and sweet. Alison is smitten with his Aloha spirit and he adores her.  Monk is yet another example of a dog who was considered “disposable” to someone, but is a treasure to someone else. We are dedicated to finding these deserving dogs happy homes like Alison’s.  Thank you, Alison, we are happy to have you in our KAWS family.