Maluhia, Malu for short, is a young whippet mix who was found wandering Lawai, Kauai looking for his pack. He was taken to the local shelter where he was deemed “not social enough with humans” to be put up for adoption. After meeting Malu and interacting with him, we found him to be a sweet and gentle guy, and so we named him Maluhia which means “peacefulness” or “tranquility” and brought him into our KAWS family. Malu traveled to Portland, where our friend and whippet rescuer, Lori, fostered Malu while he waited for his forever home. He quickly caught the attention of Brooke and Frank, who had been looking for quite some time for the perfect pup. After a trial stay, Brooke and Frank were ready to officially bring Malu into their family. Malu is now named Hamilton Malu, “Hammy” for short because his parents say he can be a little hambone. He is starting to whip around the house with confidence, and enjoys close snuggles and belly rubs. Brooke reports that he, “Loves, loves, loves to go to the dog park and likes to be chased by anyone who can keep up with him!” Frank and Brooke want to thank everyone for making Hamilton Malu their little angel pup (his fur really looks like feathers!), and we would like to thank Brooke and Frank for giving this sweet pup the home and parents he so deserves.

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