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Malia’s Story

Kaua`i residents Carol and Don were enjoying a day up in the mountain of Koke`e when they discovered a female Pharaoh hound/whippet mix in bad shape. She had a bone stuck in her throat, was malnourished, and scared. Upon meeting this gal, who they named Malia, Carol and Don were committed to advocating for her. Malia was taken to the humane society where the bone was removed and she was assessed for the adoption floor. Because of her shyness towards people, Malia was not considered a candidate for adoption; Carol and Don were notified that she would be put down unless other arrangements could be made for her, and that was when they contacted KAWS. Though KAWS foster parents Larry and Barbara had just taken in another foster, they welcomed Malia into their home with open arms. With patience, kindness, and many excursions to the park and the beach, Malia blossomed with Larry and Barbara and their pack. Malia also attended Dog Fanciers of Kaua`i training classes where she began to learn basic obedience. After several months in foster care, with no prospects of a permanent home, we decided to send Malia to Lori, our whippet foster in Portland, OR. Malia proved to be quite popular in Portland, and within days of her arrival, we received over 10 inquiries about Malia and some very impressive applications. KAWS decided on a lovely couple, Betsy and Nicholas, to be Malia’s forever family. After a successful trial stay, Betsy and Nicholas officially adopted Malia and have been enjoying watching her continue to blossom and thrive. They live in the center of Portland, close to parks and hiking trails, and Malia and her parents can be found exploring the city several times a day. When she is not out and about, Malia makes herself comfortable in her cheerful and cozy apartment home. Betsy tells us, “Malia is doing great! We’ve totally bonded.” She adds, “Malia is really opening up. Frequently people stop us on walks and tell us how graceful and interesting looking she is, and she will walk right up to them and let them pet her.” Bringing Malia home to Betsy and Nicholas was truly a team effort; thank you Carol & Don, Larry & Barbara, Lori & the whippets, and Betsy & Nicholas for seeing the potential in Malia. You all have touched our hearts.
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