Mahina’s Story~

Po`ina`oe I ka pa`ana a kala
A ia kahi mea no ka mahina

Forget the sunshine,
There’s something about the moon

-Nathan Aweau

In August 2017 Kim and Ray Thwaits were gearing up for a spectacular solar eclipse when an even better, if smaller, bundle of excitement entered their lives. A little whippety gal named Mahina (Hawaiian for moon) made the big trip across the Pacific to meet her new family. Kim and Ray, had adopted Miki, a KAWS dog, nearly year earlier. After the recent death of their older whippet, they knew Miki needed another companion ASAP! Kim said, “First choice, looking for a Miki clone. (No problem, huh!) Want a friendly cuddler, playful and smallish like 25 to 40 lbs. And no dog aggression on the leash.” Done! That week a little gal was surrendered to the local shelter. She’d led a life of being bred and hunting as her scars attest to, and though timid, was a friendly and playful little dog we thought would be a perfect match for Miki. Due to her shyness, she was not a candidate for the shelter’s adoption floor nor transfer program, and we were delighted to pull this sweet gal, who Kim named Mahina, into our program. From that point on, many friends stepped in to make her transition to her new home a smooth one. Marlana found an escort flyer within a day, foster mom, Melanie, brought her to her home for some R&R before her flight, a lovely family escorted Mahina to Seattle, where friend, Mimi, picked her up and rendezvoused with Kim, Ray, and Miki, who then drove hours through the solar eclipse traffic back to their Salem, OR home. At first, Mahina was extremely timid and froze in position when held. She quickly bonded to Kim, though, and Kim became the mom figure to the little pup who had to raise her own puppies too soon. Kim says Mahina follows her from room to room and cuddles next to her chest every night. Little Mahina is soft as a rabbit and walks with a prancing gait that is adorable to watch. Mahina and Miki look like sisters at first glance but have different personalities and temperaments. Miki soon started cuddling with Mahina and she learned to run with her big sister around the jumps and runs in their backyard and how to peek out of their secret hiding places. Both pups are 2-3 years of age and are great companions to each other and their parents. Kim is home all day long and is forever grateful to KAWS, Dinah and everyone involved for bringing such joy to her life. They are all looking forward to another year of adventures and lots and lots of cuddles!!