We first met Mace when he became a resident of the local shelter on Kaua`i. This gentle boy enjoyed relaxing in the cool grass and taking in the sights as well as receiving affection from the humans. Prior to his time in the shelter, his life was one of being chained up with little exposure to the outside world. Weeks and then months went by at the shelter, yet this calm 4-5 year old hound/retriever/shepherd mix continued to be overlooked…until one day we learned he was adopted! However, two days later he was surrendered to the shelter because he was “too timid.” We knew Mace was the perfect candidate to find a home in Portland with our friend, Toni, at Dogtribe Doggy Daycare. As soon as we could, we had him join our KAWS family, and we sent him to Portland where he proved to be quite popular, receiving almost 20 inquiries from interested families. Within days he was adopted by Lindy, who works at Dogtribe and knew he was the perfect dog for her. Mace is now enjoying being in his very own family of humans and a dog brother. They all explore the nature of Portland and beyond. Lindy loves seeing Mace, “…running around full of confidence with a big ol’ smile on his face.” She also reports, “He is a total charmer too, every person we pass tells him how cute he is.” We think he is pretty cute too, and are delighted that Mace and Lindy are part of our KAWS family.

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