Lulu Lemon

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Lulu Lemon’s Story

We often wonder what happens to the dogs who are adopted from the local shelter. Some adopters keep in touch, but most do not. One special dog, Lemon, was very dear to our hearts as she had spent many months at the shelter. She saw other dogs come and go, and we could not understand why such a sweet dog was constantly passed by, until one day we heard she was adopted on island. Unfortunately, we never heard from her adopter; so we hoped she was living a happy life. Nearly a year later, through the coconut wireless, we were informed of an abandoned dog. It was Lemon, whose owner had left her tied to the lanai with her adoption paperwork and a bag of food, when he left the island. Our good friend, Tracy, immediately stepped up, stating, “I would love to foster Lemon.” Tracy had built a special bond with Lemon when she was at the shelter as Lemon helped Tracy when she worked with the shy dogs. Because of Tracy, Lemon did not have to return to the shelter, and became a KAWS dog. During her time with Tracy and Tracy’s boyfriend, Scott, Lemon was given the sportier name of Lulu Lemon, and experienced a loving home with kitty and dog foster siblings. Tracy took Lulu Lemon and her and Scott’s dogs, Sasha and Theo, on many walks and excursions around the island. While with Tracy, Lulu Lemon was introduced to Tracy’s extended family of Leanne, Mackenzie, Cassidy, and Steve. It was love at first sight, and within four short weeks, Lulu Lemon went from abandoned dog to foster dog to adopted dog. Leanne and Lulu Lemon walk together every afternoon and when they come home, Lulu spies her canine boyfriend, Nalu, who lives next door. “She prances right up to him with a spring in her step ready to flirt with him,” says Leanne. We are delighted that Lulu Lemon is finally in a loving home where she gets all the attention, care, and love she deserves. “Lulu is a sweetie and a firm member of our family.” Leanne states. Thank you Tracy, for making sure Lulu Lemon had only happiness after her abandonment, and thank you Leanne and family for the beautiful life you are giving Miss Lulu Lemon.
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