Louie’s Story

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One rainy day in late April, our friend Liz found a very friendly male whippet who was in bad shape and took him to friend, Sandy’s house. When Dinah went to scan him (no chip), it was obvious that he needed immediate vet care as he had been given a home tail dock leaving a portion of his bone hanging out of his tail. In addition, he’d been home neutered and was extremely emaciated. Louie saw a vet within the hour, was put on antibiotics and 3 days later he had the bone removed. While he was out, the vet found a foreign object shoved down his right ear that had damaged his eardrum. Because of his injuries, the local shelter allowed Louie to do his 48 hour stray hold under our care. Dinah named Louie after Louie Zamperini, the WWII POW who went through so much pain and suffering, but did not lose his spirit and forgave his captors after the war. Louie seems to love everyone and does not hold a grudge towards people even though it is quite apparent humans were not kind to him in the past. For three months, Louie delighted foster parents, Dinah and Dave with his charming personality and his love of cuddling with both humans and the other dogs, while gaining weight and becoming stronger. He charmed all the people he met on Kaua`i with his friendly and gentle demeanor. By mid summer Louie was ready to move on to our friends and foster parents, Lisa and Chris, in Portland. More friends worked together to get Louie to Portland: Leigh and Greg escorted Louie to Seattle, where Mimi met him and drove him to Warren who delivered the tired traveler to Lisa and Chris. Little did Lisa and Chris know then, but Louie was there to stay. Louie’s loving and playful personality soon took a hold of the humans, dogs, and cats of the family. Louie was able to bring the playfulness out of shy adopted KAWS pup, Phoebe, and proved to be a champion cuddle buddy. Lisa and Chris then knew he was their dog and he was officially adopted. “He has revolutionized her (Phoebe’s) life (and ours).” said Lisa. Louie recently completed his first obedience class and is moving on to the next level. He is working towards taking the Canine Good Citizen test; once passed, he will be going to work with Lisa as a therapy dog in her profession as a child and family therapist. Lisa adds, “He cracks us up every day and gets VERY excited for meal times. He’s awesome!” Louie Lanakila KAWS has touched all our hearts and we couldn’t be happier that he has found a loving family who sees what a gem he truly is. Thank you to all our friends who came together to give Louie the life he so deserves.