Little Ruby’s Story

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In April of 2016, Ashley and Chris were at the Salt Pond Country Store when they witnessed a small dog nearly being hit by a car. Ashley and Chris asked about the dog and found out that she had been at the store since 4 am that morning and nobody knew anything about her. At that time, Ashley and Chris decided to help this little gal and brought her home. She was suffering from a skin condition and her back leg was injured. Though she was friendly, she recoiled from touch, as if she didn’t know what a loving touch was. Ashley and Chris knew she was a gem and named her Ruby. They got straight to getting Ruby healthy and searched for her owner. After a month of unsuccessful calls, they were able to get a hold of the owner who stated Ruby was 15 years old, adopted from the Humane Society, and was assumed dead. Ashley and Chris pleaded with the owner to allow them to take in Ruby, and after some persuasion, they succeeded. For several more months they cared for Ruby, who showed great improvements in both her health and trust in humans, but knew that she needed more care to continue to flourish. They reached out to KAWS to help find Ruby a forever home, and we were happy to keep on the lookout for the perfect family for her. In August of 2016, we met Lisa and Brandon and their dog, Rudy, an adorable senior chi. They were looking to help out another little senior and we thought they would be good match for Ruby. While on a trial stay with Lisa and Brandon, KAWS made sure Ruby received all the medical treatments she needed including the extractions of her rotten teeth and a wellness plan to keep her heart murmur in check. In no time, Ruby won the hearts of Lisa and Brandon and they made her an official part of their family…and she has been with them ever since. “Ruby’s favorite things are…eating, napping, and taking rides in the car,” says Lisa. Lisa tells us that Ruby has lots of energy for a senior and is very vocal. Her heart problems have not slowed her down and keeping her on a regiment from Dr. Basko has helped a great deal. “Ruby is also sweet, sociable, and loves to make new friends. Seeing her run around in the yard says it all.” Lisa adds. Little Ruby has surely won the hearts of all of us at KAWS, and we were happy to help her on her journey to her forever home. Many thanks to Ashley, Chris and their son Ayden, for helping Ruby regain her health and trust in humans. A huge thank you to Lisa and Brandon for bringing Ruby into their home permanently, for loving her, and continuing to help her on the road to optimum health. We are in awe of all the good people who come together to make the lives of the animals happy ones.