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Lele’s Story~

We are forever grateful for our friends who check the Koke`e hunters’ station weekly and offer food and water to the dogs waiting to be claimed. When dogs remain, these friends let us know to be on the lookout for them at the shelter. This is how we learned of three females- one senior and two sister puppies, who were headed to the humane society. After inquiring about them, we were told that they were not candidates for adoption due to an array of reasons- age, health, and shyness. One of the sisters, who had a cleft palate, became ill and was euthanized. Before the end of the day we pulled the remaining two. Ally’s niece named the senior gal Wailani (Heavenly Water) and the puppy Lele (to jump or fly) as she turned out to be a bouncy, happy pup. As with all our rescues, this was a team effort. Wailani stayed with Ally, our friend, Tracy, stepped in to foster Lele, and Whiskers Resort offered to provide daycare for Lele. Within a month’s time, Lele was socialized with people, dogs, and cats as well as leash and house trained. At this time, Patricia, who was causally looking at the ads for dogs needing homes, came across Lele’s picture and bio and felt an instant connection. After getting to know Patricia and her husband, Lon, we decided they would be a perfect match for Lele. Before long, Dinah and Tracy escorted Lele to the North Shore of O’ahu to meet her new parents. Just as we had hoped, they had an instant connection. Lele now lives a block from the beach, where she runs and plays every day. She has many canine friends, and Patricia shares, “She loves the ocean and heads straight for it as soon as we get to the beach. Not a great swimmer yet, but she splashes around and races the waves.” During the days, Lele goes to work with her dad at his surfboard and woodworking shop, Haleiwa Surfboard Company, where she is loved by everyone. Lon’s assistant Jen, takes her on several walks a day and told us that everyone was happily anticipating her arrival. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better life for Lele and are delighted to have Patricia and Lon as part of our KAWS family. Stories like Lele’s give us the inspiration to continue rescuing animals from heartbreaking situations. All those who joined us- our friends who look after the stray dogs in Koke`e, Tracy, Whiskers, Lon & Patricia, and Jen, are proof that there is much goodness in this world. Thank you all for your part in bringing Lele home.

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