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Kylie’s Story~

Earlier this summer, the local shelter contacted us when they were bursting at the seams about a little stray Shih Tzu/Malteze mix named Kylie. Kylie was on a list of dogs who needed more care than the shelter could provide at that time. We were able to bring Kylie into KAWS and she was one of the first dogs to move into our KAWS Headquarters where a majority of our dogs are fostered by Ally and her family. Kylie got the vet care she needed, a good grooming (when her fur grew back) by Aunty Dawn, and gained some much needed weight. She spent many days enjoying hanging out at Natural Pet Hawaii with Ally. Within a few months’ time, she caught the eye of Cynthia who was missing having a dog in her life. Kylie has been the a welcome addition to Cynthia and husband, Albert’s home. Cynthia reports, “Kylie is doing wonderfully. She has a good appetite and loves to be brushed. She is a sweet loving dog and we are so grateful to have her as part of our family. She can be a little couch potato, does not like to be alone, and follows us wherever we go. She lets us know when we have a visitor but otherwise is calm and quiet.” We are very happy Kylie has found her forever home with Cynthia and Albert. “I guess it was meant to be. We love her so much and we thank KAWS for saving Kylie,” Cynthia added. We couldn’t have asked for a better life for little Kylie. Thank you Cynthia and Albert!