Gigi is a stunning plott hound who lived the first part of her life as a timid hunting dog amongst over 30 other dogs in cramped and unsanitary conditions. A majority of these dogs were re-homed when their owner passed away, but Gigi could not be caught. Over the course of a couple weeks, Ally was able to gain her trust which was the beginning of Gigi’s new life. KAWS located a wonderful couple, Larry and Barbara, and they fostered Gigi for 3 months. During this time she learned the life of a house dog, boat dog, went on many adventures around the island, and became more trusting of humans. KAWS supporter, Carol Ann, found a perfect home for Gigi in Saratoga, CA, and in April she moved to her new home with Janice and Mort. They report, “She is a happy, healthy dog, and becoming quite playful. She looks forward to her two-plus mile daily walks.

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