Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

Due to some recent inquiries we’ve received, we feel it is necessary to share with you who we are and what KAWS is able to do for the animals of Kaua`i at this time.

We are a small group of volunteers who saw a need to assist the people of Kaua`i in helping the island’s homeless pets. We are able to help people who take in found animals by setting them up with food, flea/tick meds, leashes, collars, bedding, crates, courtesy posts on social media, and moral support.

Should a found dog be taken to the local shelter, we will ask to be kept up on the status of the dog, and if the dog becomes at-risk, we will advocate to find other alternatives for it. Since we are at this time completely foster based, if all options through the shelter have been exhausted and we have the resources, we are able to bring the dog into our program, and we will either commit to caring for it for the duration of its life, or carefully select an adoptive home.

Since we are operating on limited resources, we have focused these resources on the dogs at the shelter who have needs beyond what the shelter can provide, or to help a shelter dog that is not moving forward with transfer, not going into the shelter foster program or is not thriving on the adoption floor. For this reason, we are rarely in the position to take in owner surrenders.

Currently, all of the dogs under our care are in foster care. We recently secured a home base and are slowly increasing our capacity, but are still very much foster-based. We all work “day” jobs and want to make sure the care we are giving each animal is of the highest quality.

KAWS does not have the legal rights to take in stray dogs from the public, nor can we respond to cruelty cases. We do not have a veterinarian on staff and are not equipped to respond to medical emergencies. For these reasons, we suggest found dogs go through the legalities of the shelter’s stray hold, unless other arrangements through the shelter can be made. If the dog is not claimed, it then has more options: adoption floor at the shelter, transfer to a partnering rescue/shelter, or transfer to KAWS.

Stray cats do not have to go through the same protocol as dogs. We are able to bring cats and kittens into our program provided we have a foster willing and ready to house them. A majority of our cats and kittens are transferred to Kitsap Humane Society in Washington State. Others are adopted on island. There are also other rescue groups on island that focus primarily on cats and kittens.

Because of the generous donations from our supporters, we have been able to save 51 dogs and 55 cats without a brick and mortar facility. We have successfully advocated for many animals who have not come into our program to be given alternatives to death at the shelter. We plan to continue to save lives, and ask for your understanding in what we are able to provide to the public at this time.

With aloha,
The KAWS Team