Arthur’s Story

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The Koke`e hunters’ station is a set of kennels where many a lost or abandoned dog has found itself. Two gentle whippet mixes, we are not sure if they were abandoned together, were picked up at the hunters’ station back in December and were taken to the local shelter. Upon meeting these two, who we called Arthur and Merlin, we thought they would make great companions to some lucky people in the Pacific Northwest, and we brought them into our KAWS family. While Arthur’s buddy, Merlin headed to the Pacific Northwest, Arthur stayed back until we were confident his low platelet counts came up and he was in good health. During the time Arthur waited to fly to Portland, our friend, Tracy, fostered him and gave him many days filled with walks, hikes, field trips, and cuddles. When he was ready, Arthur flew to Portland fosters, Lisa and Chris, who were excited to bring him into their home along with adopted KAWS dog, Phoebe, chihuahua Sparkle, and the kitties. Arthur met several potential adopters, but the magic fit was with Jocelyn. Jocelyn had been waiting for the right time to adopt and put much thought into what type of dog would be her perfect match. She was looking for a dog who enjoyed the company of other dogs and who could be laid back. She told us, “Everything is better with a dog. Camping, watching a movie, sleeping…all activities are improved with a dog around.” (We agree wholeheartedly.) After a trial stay with Arthur, Jocelyn saw that he was the dog she had been looking for and Arthur soon became Jocelyn’s forever companion. The two spend a lot of time with Jocelyn’s family that includes adventures to the beach with dog pals, hiking, and working on confidence with people. Arthur is trying out lots of new toys and has learned how to get his dinner from a food ball. He loves watching his dog friends to see how they do new things before taking them on himself, and has had many successes this way! Jocelyn is thrilled to see his goofy, sweet personality bloom, and so grateful to have found him. Jocelyn says, “He wouldn’t have had the same chances to find a home without KAWS, and especially the fosters who gave him time and helped acquaint him to life in a home. Being able to meet him and talk with everyone at length before bringing him home was so helpful in making sure I would be the right fit for Arthur. Thank you!!” Thank you, Lisa & Chris and Tracy for getting Arthur ready for his forever home. Thank you Jocelyn, for being the person Arthur needed to be the happy dog he is today.