We first met Ali`i as a new adoptable dog at the Kaua`i Humane Society. Before coming to KHS, this 10 month old pit mix had spent his life confined in a small kennel. After a couple weeks of being in the shelter, Ali`i began to show signs of kennel stress- he became increasingly mouthy and was deemed “out of control” and not trusted with other dogs because he was never properly socialized. He would be euthanized without help. Donations from KAWS and some generous community members secured him a spot at Bark! Bark! Backyard training and boarding facility. Owners and trainers, Karen and RJ, worked intensively with Ali`i (whose name changed to “Boy”) for three months. His time at Bark Bark Backyard allowed him the time he needed to develop into a well-socialized, properly trained and content dog. We are thrilled that he recently found his forever home.

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