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Akahai/Dano’s Story

In May, a young white and brindle whippet was found left in the humane society’s dog park; his rear legs were very weak, most likely from living his life in a cage, and he was not able to walk but several yards without becoming too tired and collapsing. In addition, he had an injury to one of his rear legs causing him to limp. He was deemed too shy for adoption at the shelter, but we knew with a little TLC, he would come right out of his shell and make someone a great dog. We quickly brought him into our KAWS family and named him Akahai, Aka for short. Dinah and husband, Dave, were happy to foster Aka and nurse him back to health. Within a month’s time Aka was able to run and play with the other dogs, his rear limp was nearly undetectable, and he gained 10 pounds of weight as well as confidence. Thousands of miles away, Rebecca and Al in Oregon, had already fallen in love with Aka and knew he would be the perfect addition to their family which also includes greyhounds, Magic and Wilma. When Aka was ready, he traveled with KAWS gals, Mia and Phoebe to Seattle. Mia traveled on to Hoagie’s House while Aka and Phoebe were met by Dr. Karen and her daughter who took them to Dr. Karen’s veterinary clinic for the night. The next day, our fabulous whippet foster, Lori, and her friend, Debbie, brought Aka and Phoebe to the Whippet Spaw in Portland where they soon met their new families. Rebecca and Al say that Aka, who is now named Dano, has completely settled into their home. His favorite place is on his dad’s lap in the man recliner. He is going out on walks and follows older canine sister, Wilma, around like a little lamb. Dano has figured out that creature comforts are a good thing and sleeps between his parents and likes to burrow under the covers. Rebecca tells us, “All in all, he is a wonderful addition to our family, and we’re happy, happy to have him.” From a life in a cage to a little prince of the house, Dano has come a long way and we couldn’t be happier for him and his new family.
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